1. Prime was compassionate. Even when he decides to kill Megatron he is compassionate. Ofcourse that becomes his weakness whereas Megatron always goes for the kill and uses every little chance to get his way. Reason prime loses to Megatron is he just wants to make him submit, always holding back. Never rages. That's insane amount of mastery he has over himself. If he gets crazy like Megatron I think Megatron won't live long. Proof that whenever he decided to kill or stop megatron he always won the fights. That's shows his conviction is weaker than Megatron in winning every single fight they had because prime wants peace. He is holding back unlike Megatron. He keeps war as a last resort.

  2. really fucking annoying the way you edited it just because Optimus or Megatron aren't in frame for the entire scene doesn't mean u need to take it out it really ruined it because u took away many of the best parts.

  3. Optimus has always been and always will be my favourite, but Megatron is such an epic villain you can't help but love him as well.

  4. Kids: Avengers vs. Thanos
    Men: James Bond vs. Any bad guy he faces
    Legends: Optimus Prime vs. Megatron

    The greatest fictional rivalry of all time. The two greatest voices of all time in voiceover history. This is purely my opinion, but I know many will agree with me.

  5. “I am but a soldier, Megatron. And you are a prisoner of your own twisted delusions!”

    Primes humility always gets me.

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