Phim Thái Lan 18+ – Araro 2010 PINOY FULL MOVIE

Phim Thái Lan – 18+ tình cảm, nhân văn cực hay
Hãy SubScribe ( Đăng Ký Theo Dõi ) Để Xem Những Bộ Phim và Video Hay Nhất
Diễn đàn Rao vặt Nhanh nhất:
Xem tivi online, TV trực tuyến hơn 300 kênh, trực tiếp bóng đá tại đây:
Diễn đàn mua bán rao vặt Top:


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  1. Omg that's not real thank god 😇🙏👼 leave a like if you still say sorry to God for watching this (y) 🌱 🌴

  2. Okay, so I pretty much understood almost everything (needs English subs) until that flashback near the end. Did that traveler guy die? Stupid ending.

  3. Maybe someone here recognizes this description and can tell me the film name. Please read, I appreciate it:
    Has sex so probably an over 18+ film. Shot in jungle village life of Phillipenes
    2 boys grew up in small village.around and in water a lot. 1 saves the other from drowning. 1 leaves for college other stays in village. He cuts bamboo or cane, lives in a bamboo shack. College boy comes back with a bird in cage, they fall in love, later both become doctors and go back to the village to help. I need the name. I lost it and love that film. Please and thank you!

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