Naruto Kiss More Girls than Sasuke!! All NARUTO'S KISSES! ナルト x 綱手

Titre français : Naruto a embrassé plus de filles que Sasuke ! Tous les baisers de Naruto !
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Thumbnail ( Miniature ) : Naruto x Tsunade.
Salut tout le monde!

On se retrouve aujourd’hui avec tous les baisers de Naruto, que ce soit avec Sasuke ou les autres filles, ils sont tous la !
Hello everyone!

We meet today with all the kisses of Naruto, whether with Sasuke or the other girls, they are all here!
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    //Des habilles pas chères d'animés, du naruto,My Hero Academia ect..

  2. 18K people don't believe Minato is Naruto's father. It doesn't make any sense. The strongest ninja, Ramen guy must be Naruto's father

  3. Most of em were cause Naruto was a cute little badass that deserved a kiss or just a kiss to save his fucking life! The one that meant the most was Naurto and Hinata cause it was true love!

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