Learn Numbers, Shapes, Colors and more with Max the Glow Train | 8 Cartoons with Max and Friends!

This educational compilation includes 8 short cartoons with Max the Glow Train and Friends!

1. “Paint Adventure” – Max and his friends meet a new toy – Jake the Fire Truck! Next they go to Play & Paint activity center. At the activity center the toys learn different colors while having fun playing with paint!

2. “Blazin’ Bill to the Rescue” – Max is a fun loving toy train who teaches children numbers. After counting the numbers, Max realizes that the number 10 is stuck on the top shelf. Max and Bill build the ramp by counting to ten so Bill can jump on the top shelf and rescue the number 10.

3. “Amusement Park” – Max the Glow Train, Blazin’ Bill the Monster Truck, Pete the Truck and You, the viewer, go to the amusement park to ride different rides. At the Amusement Park they meet their friend Robo-J5 the Robot and O5 the Robot, called Bubble. Bubble does not know any numbers, shapes, or colors. The toys and Robo-J5 teach him numbers, shapes and colors and enjoy lots of different rides -The Ferris wheel, roller coasters, bumper cars, a drop tower ride, a carousel, the park train and many other rides.

4. “Car Race” – Max is a fun loving toy train who teaches children colors. After Max and Bill find a box with race cars, they paint them and start the race. Their room is too small so they cannot race. Pete the Truck comes along and helps them set up a real race!

5. “Water Adventure” – Max the Glow Train and his friends wash fruits and vegetables and then start counting them. Bubble the Robot is very interested in how the fruits and vegetables are washed. He is very curious about the kitchen faucet and how it works. The robot jumps onto the kitchen counter and accidentally turns the water on.
While the toys are counting fruits and vegetables, the kitchen sink is overflowing… It’s good that Max the Glow Train has friends like Fen the Boat and Kai the Submarine. These two help save the day!

6. “Monster Trucks” – Monster trucks race around 2D and 3D shapes and at the end Joe the Monster Truck learns his lesson about respecting others.

7. “Ice Race” – Max the Glow Train and his friends go to a frozen lake to race around a tree and learn colors. Each toy is given a color before the race. The toys will race through checkpoints, changing the color of the tree’s lights. In the end, the tree will light up with the winner’s color. The toys will race toward the finish line and then…

8. “Sky Adventure” – Alex the Helicopter and Allie the Airplane invite Max the Glow Train and his friends to see a cloud shape race. They take a hot air balloon and go high in the sky to learn about shapes.
While everyone watches the race, Bubble the Robot notices a little yellow butterfly. Bubble wants to fly like the butterfly. He jumps with balloon, thinking he can fly too. Now it’s time for Max and his friends to find Bubble the Robot!


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