Hana Yori Dango – Makino Tsukushi und Doumyoji Tsukasa

Ein Video von mir zu Hana Yori Dango, die besten Momente im Leben von den beiden im Anime. Ist einer meiner liebsten^^
Sorry für die schlechte Qualität, ging nicht besser. Musik ist auch aus Hana Yori Dango. Freue mich über Kommentare

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  1. convinced that they wont have anything to do with each other again after the basketball game. i stopped watching it and spoiled the heck for myself… sheeet
    ich schau es trotzdem

  2. I hated the fact that she only realised that he loves her at literally the last 5 episodes of 51 episodes .. this anime was so good i swear 😘

  3. Ich weiß nicht warum aber ich liebe die Stelle wo er sie aufm Boden drückt 😂😂
    Bitch I knew he wouldn’t kill her 😂💋

  4. WOW ok I watched this a long time ago, and in coming back to it only now do I realize how messed up Tsukasa is!
    A) rape IS NEVER and SHOULD NEVER be portrayed as romantic, and B) even when she actually wants to be with him (which I’m not even going to get into), and they are about to kiss (5:10), he ignores her pleas to stop, saying “I can’t wait.” This is, again, portrayed as romantic. HUGE yikes.

  5. I just literally cant get enough of this story i really hope to have a better quality anime of hana yori dango in which the characters would be beautiful too

  6. I can't get enough of this show's BGM. It's a divine masterpiece. I really want to buy the CD BGM and put it on my small little anime collection one day. ;-;

  7. Bộ phim này còn sửa lại một chút Tại vì tôi thấy còn một chút sai sót cái khúc mà chạy đừng có té cứ chạy thẳng đường có giúp té té thì sẽ vào cái khúc mà về nhà đó phải cho mai mốt áo lại mang đồ áo lệ nhé Còn gì nhà hè cứ nói là đừng có la lên la lần người ta sẽ biết biết như vậy Xấu hổ lắm nhé

  8. Just because a guy is hot doesn't make abuse and attempted rape ok. The manga version was even worse. Keep this guy away from women until he learns some self-control. People get jail time for stuff like this. I do appreciate that he changes but that rapey part feels glossed over and even romanticized.

  9. Old school animes never fail to make good use of classical music. This is an example but we can also notice Borodine in Kare Kano, or Bach in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

  10. Well that's the love Triangle anime and it has some intense shit :-3
    If you have weak hurt then don’t watch it :–3

  11. His hair. . . that's the only reason why I keep coming back to this manga…that and the hilarious situations they find themselves in, and of course the cliche drama that makes think wtf

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