Eren VS Colossal Titan | Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 2 | Eng Sub

Colossal Titan best kicker ever

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  1. Since the Colossal titan has 60 meters and eren has 15 meters in his titan form, theres a mistake in proportions of the scene.

  2. I laughed so much with this, LOL.
    Eren was like, "don't worry, guys, I'll active a hidden power because I'm being brave against a stronger enemy".

  3. not gonna lie when reiner and bertolt were tryna take eren and reiner called the collousal titan it scarred mee the way he cam down

    season 2 btw

  4. collosal titan what is that a ich eren haaaaaaaa collosal titan i betta kick it off pow eren has fainted the winner is collosal

  5. 0:02
    “Yell at him, Eren! We can’t let Bertholt get any closer to the wall!”
    Eren: *r o a r s*
    Bertholt: -._-.
    “He noticed!”
    Bertholt: ”I’m sick of your shit, Eren…”

  6. If i was a titan powerful then eren i would defintely team up with humans and do a better strategy than eren awwww poor eren

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