Best of Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra OST

(edit: somehow the Kuvira pic appeared early and popped up for a few seconds? oops…maybe she has sent her spirit to us through meditation or something)

Honestly, I couldn’t come up with a title for this because it has both peaceful tracks and good battle music, so…this is the tentative title!
Anyway, AtLA is one of my top favorite things of all time (up there with KH, so I hope I did a good job on this!)

Song List (thank you, Andy Easterrabbit, for time stamps!!):
1. ATLA book 3 trailer music (00:00)
2. Wheels (02:00)
3. Motorcycles & Chi Blockers (04:44)
4. Fighting the Chi Blockers (5:57)
5. Chi Blockers (06:43)
6. Aang Faces Ozai (09:00)
7. Fresh Air (11:31)
8. Scraf Dance (12:37)
9. Cave Jivin’ (15:18)
10. Firebending Training (18:30)
11. Agni Kai (19:44)
12. Invading the Palace (21:20)
13. Yu Yan Capture Aang (24:23)
14. Amon (25:37)
15. Last Agni Kai (28:37)
16. Greatest Change (30:30)
17. Balance (35:43)
18. Ocean Spirit (38:06)
19. Aang VS Ozai (39:22)
20. The Final Blow (41:52)
21. To Heal (43:25)
22. Iroh’s Speech (46:32)
23. Inside/Mako’s Sacrifice (49:47)
24. Destroy the Colossus (56:10)
25. Jinora’s Light (59:40)
26. Peace (1:01:47)

These were kinda hard to find! Nickelodeon only released the music for Book One of Legend of Korra because they’re duuumb.
Luckily, Jeremy Zuckerman (main composer(?)) uploaded a handful of other pieces on his Soundcloud! 😀

Link here!:
The Track Team:
Thank you for composing these masterpieces T.T

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  1. Darn I love ATLA and TLOK such magical stories I cried multiple times during that when appagot stolen and in the very end we’re aang and Katra kissed (a lot more times too) this series just hits to hard also thanks for the track I usually use it for drawingXD

  2. I'm pretty amazed to be honest, I've been following this channel for a while, and now that I decided to watch avatar the last airbender again, I found out that you already have an ost compilation … amazing as always. Thanks.

  3. The soundtrack Peace is absolutely fantastic and an Outstanding track! One of my favourite pieces of music, that's the kinda music I wanna see Ninjago Season 10 end with

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