Avatar – Aang's Journey

My 4th video, describing Aang’s journey and his learning of the elements. If you didn’t catch the quotes (they were from each of Aangs masters) here they are:

Monk Gyatso: You’re aim has improved greatly my young pupil.

Katara: You have the reflexes of a waterbending master.

Toph: You stood you’re ground against me, you’ve got stuff.

Zuko: The real hero is the Avatar.

If you have watched some of my other vids you will have realised that I have almost all the episodes at my disposal. I originally had every episode but had to delete the odd one or two that were of no importance such as “The Great Divide” from Book 1 (I needed to save some space on my computer). The quote I wanted from Zuko (not telling which one in case someone steels it) was only just deleted, 3 seconds later and I would have had it! It was the most frustrating thing you could imagine as it took me ages to think of it (Zuko doesn’t often praise Aang). So anyway, rant over, enjoy!

Programme Used: Sony Vegas 8

Music Used: Kingmaker by Immediate Music and Rise of the Warriors by Audiomachine.

Production Time: 3 hours

DISCLAIMER: Avatar is owned by Nick and Viacom, the music I used is owned by Immediate Music and Audiomachine

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  3. If you think about it, sokka and Katara are the true heroes cause if they hadn’t released Aang, the world would be over

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